Software Engineering Lab

Software Engineering Lab focus on the issues of software engineering.

RMCode: Requirement Modeler and Code Generator

Notwithstanding the advancement of software engineering for enterprise applications, the process of software implementation is still time-consuming and error-prone. This situation is more severe when developing the custom software, because the requirements are always changing during the whole development processes. This issue could be alleviated by reusing exiting code or services in the private and public repositories. Nevertheless, the reuse could fail if no existing service is matched o...

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MicroShare: Privacy-Preserved Medical Resource Sharing through MicroService Architecture

Privacy-Preserving EHR Sharing System takes on the problem of automatically identifying clinically-relevant patterns in medical datasets without compromising patient privacy. To achieve this goal, we treat datasets as a black box for both internal and external users of data that lets us handle clinical data queries directly and far more e ciently. The novelty of the approach lies in avoiding the data de-identification process often used as a means of preserving patient privacy. The impleme...

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Distributed EHR Sharing System

Legacy Electronic Health Records (EHRs) systems were not developed with the level of connectivity expected from them nowadays. Therefore, interoper- ability weakness inherent in the legacy systems can result in poor patient care and waste of financial resources. Large hospitals are less likely to share their data with external hospitals due to economic and political reasons. Motivated by these facts, we aim to provide a set of software implementation guidelines, i.e., MedShare to deal with...

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