The traditional Chinese medicines prediction project is composed of a lot of tools with different functions, including records processing tools(XML generation tool, JSON generation tool and database importing tool), statistics tools and prediction tools. The main tools of the project include:

The main features of the project include:


EHR application has seven main tools: XML generate tool, JSON generate tool, Database import tool, Machine learning data processing tool, query tools, statistics tools and prediction tools. Figure 1 show the architecture of application. Struts 2, Spring and Hibernate (SSH) make up a framework for development of Java web application. It uses the Model-View-Controller design pattern and JavaBean as the basic technologies. Java and JSP are used as the implementing language in SSH development.Above this framework, we built the application with different functions, including query, statistics and prediction function. MongoDB is the basic database to store records.

Automated Prescription Prediction based on Nerual Network

Integrated Prediction based on Statistics, Rule and Machine Learning

System Demo